4 Hacks for a Healthier December

Hands up if you want to know my four favourite hacks for a healthier December?… I shared my favourite “revive and get party ready” well-being tip with Prima readers in the Christmas issue, but why stop there? This month you’ll find four fantastic hacks to help you get through the festive season, and stay sober, slender and totally stress-free!

In 30 seconds – sweep anxieties aside

Do you really want to sit and worry about that ever-growing to-do list? If the planning is already making your head spin, and deep-breathing and stretching don’t make a difference, my advice is not to panic, just try a little spray. With soothing theanine, B vitamins, lavender and lemon balm, this is my go-to-formula for on the spot stress-busting.

TRY Higher Nature’s Worry Not

In 20 minutes – revive for that party!

I adore powdered supplements, especially when they contain 3 of the best body energisers. This easily absorbed formula will give you a sustained boost, but still let you switch off when the party’s over. Stir a spoonful into water and drink before you head out to socialise. This complex supports blood flow, stamina and mental clarity, but beetroot and reishi are also effective detoxifiers, which is ideal if you’ve been a bit enthusiastic with the alcohol.

TRY Terranova’s Beetroot Juice, Cordyceps & Reishi Super Blend

In 1 night – banish the morning-after blues

December is a hard month for health – short days, late nights, rich foods and the odd bevvy will all take their toll. In fact, your liver has to deal with the aftermath, so why not give it some love?

First of all, do you think you’re drinking enough water? Nope, I don’t drink enough either, which is why I have a herbal tea routine in Winter. Lemon & ginger in the morning, something fruity mid-morning, fennel or peppermint after lunch, a mid afternoon matcha, and peppermint in the evening. Four caffeine-free cuppas and my mug is HUGE – so I drink around 1.5litres of liquid!

Herbal teas and warm water help keep everything moving, and make it easier to cope with a night of excess, but of course your liver needs specific nutrients – it doen’t run on water alone. A near-magical combination of alpha-lipoic acid, amino acids and key vitamins and minerals can replace what you flush out and use up, support energy metabolism, fight fatigue and help you rehydrate – which means the mornings after the nights before should be much more enjoyable.

TRY Sense: For a night out

In 2 weeks – get a handle on stress

I’m sure you know that your food affects your mood, so if you tend to feel deflated, grumpy or a bundle of nerves by the end of the year, there’s a way to take matters in hand. A few simple diet changes can fit into your medium to long term plans to respond to stress more healthily, support your nerves, and even drop a few pounds too!.

Your first step is to swap foods high in sugar and refined vegetable oils, for more nutrient-dense options that increase your intake of B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and healthy oils. Ten of the best foods to achieve this are: free range eggs, grass-fed beef, wild fish, beans, brewer’s yeast, green leafy veg, avocado, nuts, olive oil and coconut oil. Scrambled eggs for breakfast; half an avocado at lunch; salmon and vegetable steam-fry for dinner – it all sounds pretty reasonable doesn’t it?

Next add in an adaptogen. These special herbs are unique in their ability to support several organs and systems at once, and normalise system activity so it becomes more in balance. Rhodiola, tulsi and eleuthero are all good options for greater feelings of calm. Take your pick from teas and tablets.

TRY Viridian’s Balanced Rhodiola Complex,Pukka’s Three Tulsi Tea and Sun Chlorella’s Sun Eleuthero


That’s it, four great ways to spray, slurp, nibble and sip your way to a healthier December.
Happy holidays!

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