A Word to the Wise

Unexpected gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh may be delightful, but what if you’re hoping for something a little more practical – to deal with energy issues, digestive discomfort and the mornings after the nights before? Here are my 3 top suggestions for your last-minute Christmas wishlist.

Wish 1 – Some GREEN Goodness

Have the words “Yay!! Mince pies and Baileys for breakfast” ever crossed your lips? Then it could be that your first meal of the day doesn’t quite pack the nutritional punch that will really get your motor revving. In moments like these I always think green. Not green with envy, but green with ambition – to fill in the gaps and get as much good stuff as possible. Moringa is my go-to-green powder. It’s simply the powdered dried leaf of the moringa tree, and as a great source of plant protein (23g/100g), and a rich source of iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, it delivers nutrients which contribute to energy release.

Nina’s Top Tip: Keep things simple by adding a spoonful of moringa to a glass of apple juice.

Wish 2 – A STOMACH Settler

Yes, Christmas is a time for generosity in thoughts and actions, but have you noticed how this generosity of spirit extends to what we pile on our plates? How often is “Oh go on then, if you insist” followed with groans, stomach-clutching and firm resolutions to eat a lot less (…next time)? If, like me, you have yet to master perfect portion control in times of greed, then you’ll definitely appreciate having a digestive aid on hand. A combination of organic seeds (fennel, celery, cumin, fenugreek and aniseed), and ginger, fennel and asafoetida can impact on spasms and enable good digestion.

Nina’s Top Tip: Best to take 1-2caps before eating, but this food supplement tastes so good that I’ve even been happy to sprinkle it directly on my dinner!

Wish 3 – Some good SENSE

Christmas and the New Year are WAYYY to close together for my liking! I’m mostly joking, but the harsh reality is that the work celebrations, toasts to health, friendly visits, and booze-laden chocolates, creams and puddings can all add up to a solid week of alcohol-fuelled liver-bashing. A well chosen combination of alpha-lipoic acid, amino acids and plenty of vitamins and minerals can reduce tiredness, balance energy metabolism and help you rehydrate – which means the mornings after the nights before should be much more enjoyable.

Nina’s Top Tip: Try to drink ‘sensibly’ and throw in some mocktails with your cocktails! I’ve been happily slurping on my favourite drink of the season, Cranberry Sour – delicious!

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