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Nina Sabat, female nutritional therapist nutritionist in London

Nina Sabat, Championing better health after 40

"There's still time to change your health."

I’m Nina Sabat, Nutritional Therapist. I believe big health changes can be achieved with small, sustainable actions. You get results when you understand how your body runs, then add some delicious food into the mix.

So I created a Nutritional Therapy service in London, that combines health testing, consultations and healthy eating programmes. I work with women over 40 who are in midlife, and want to know how to improve their health using a nutrient-focused approach, and how to be more confident in their food choices.

As you reach your 40’s, 50’s and over, you can feel energised, rested and more in control of your health.

Nutrition with Nina - Our philosophy

Our Philosophy and values

When you choose a Nutrition with Nina Package, MOT, Programme or Health Test, you’ll work together with Nina Sabat, an expert Nutritional Therapist.

Nutritional Therapy is the tool that’s used to unlock the health-enhancing qualities of your lifestyle and food. When used skillfully, it can help you radically transform your well-being, your self-confidence and your health.

At Nutrition with Nina we believe that working together should be a positive experience. So judgement is out. Instead you’ll experience positive communication, collaboration and listening, as you find your unique path to long-term better health.

Positive focus



Nina Sabat, BSc (Hons) DipNT, rCNHC mBANT

Nina Sabat in 7 Sentences!

I’m Nina Sabat, a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, habit change guru and healthy eating expert. On my journey I have:

  • Gained a degree in Neuroscience, at UCL
  • Qualified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner trained in Functional Medicine, at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition
  • Honed my knowledge of new and impactful supplements as Area Manager of a London health store
  • Registered as a BBC Expert Voice on Health and Wellness
  • Discovered my superpower is making complex ideas easier to understand and act on
  • Explored coaching skills to support effective habit change
  • Stood on a catwalk with Buzz Aldrin and got all tongue-tied (But I’m not entirely sure whether this helps in my work!)
Functional Medicine Practitioner in London, South London, South East London

"Friends remarked on my increased energy levels"

AB, London

My health has improved so much and my friends have remarked on my increased energy levels.

FAQs about Nutritional Therapists, nutritionists and Dieticians

Frequently asked questions about nutritional therapy, nutrition & functional medicine

It’s a commonly asked question: What’s the difference between a Nutritional Therapist, Nutritionist or Dietician? Nina explains.

Imagine you have a personal health detective who investigates how your diet affects your well-being. That’s a Nutritional Therapist.

They work with you to understand your unique health goals and any issues you might have. Then, they suggest changes to your diet and lifestyle to help you feel better. Nutritional Therapists often use a holistic approach, considering not just what you eat but also your lifestyle, habits and emotional well-being.

Think of a Nutritionist as your food expert. They study how different foods nourish your body and affect your health. 

Nutritionists can work in many settings, from hospitals to schools to your local gym. They help people make healthier food choices based on their individual needs and goals. They might develop meal plans, give advice on specific diets, or educate people about nutrition through workshops or classes. While some Nutritionists have advanced degrees, others may have certificates or diplomas in nutrition-related fields.

A Dietician is like a food and nutrition expert with a scientific twist. They have specialised education and training in dietetics, which is the science of food and nutrition. 

Dieticians often work in healthcare settings, like hospitals or clinics, where they assess patients’ nutritional needs and develop personalised eating plans to manage medical conditions or support overall health. They also play a crucial role in public health, helping communities understand nutrition guidelines and promoting healthy eating habits.

Functional medicine is often referred to as a ‘whole system’ approach to health, and is very different to the ‘symptom-by-symptom’ mode of current healthcare.

Functional Medicine Practitioners understand the theory and application of nutrition, detoxification, gastrointestinal, neuroendocrine, immune and metabolic function. They use functional health tests and targeted supplement protocols.

Nina Sabat, Clinically Trained Nutritional Therapist

My Qualifications

I’m a clinically trained Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in London and specialist in Sleep, Energy, Digestive Health, Healthy Eating, and Habit Change for women, aged 40 and over. When we work together, you can think of me as your expert Nutritionist.

I studied at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition, gaining a Foundational Degree in Nutritional Therapy, accredited by the University of Bedfordshire, England.

Prior to this, I gained my degree in Neuroscience from the prestigious UCL (University College, London).

Why Could We Work Together?

"My clients have had enough of treating individual symptoms. They want to take a person-centred, whole-body approach to their health."

Nina Sabat, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Registration and insurance

I’m a fully registered member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine (BANT), the leading professional body for Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in 1-to-1 clinical practice.

I’m also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners. The CNHC register is approved by UK Parliament as an accredited register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

I hold Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance with Balens, and as the data processor of your health information, I am registered with the ICO.

CNHC quality mark, Register of Professional Nutritional Therapist, Nina Sabat
Nina Sabat Nutritional therapist in South West London

“Like many women I used to think: You are what you eat, but then came my “Aha!!” moment…

Every single day offers you the potential to make a change to your wellbeing.

You’re not just what you eat, but what you THINK and DO.”

Nina Sabat