About Nina

Hello! Let me break the ice with a brief introduction


I’m Nina Sabat, the woman behind Nutrition with Nina. Quite simply, I can help you eat to your health’s content. I’m a London nutritional therapist, and I specialise in ‘mood and metabolism’, which means I primarily work with clients who:

  • want to feel relaxed, in control and positive, not stressed, anxious or low,
  • want to get a good night’s sleep,
  • would love enough energy to get through the day,
  • are trying to sort out their health and regain metabolic balance, as they support their bodies through pre-diabetes, insulin resistance and weight control,
  • want to understand what to eat to start feeling better, and feel more confident about their present or future health.


More about me and how I work with you

A risk-free, holistic, measured approach to build your confidence and get results

I believe in combining the factual and the personal – hard data from your NutrEval health test and information from you, on things like your personal habits, preferences and motivators. I also believe a realistic timeframe is an essential part of the puzzle. Overall, I use an individualised, holistic approach which clients say has really built their confidence and helped them get the results they wanted. My clients are further reassured when they hear about my risk-reducing personal promise.

A safe and therapeutic practice to support you in your goals

I finished my degree in Neuroscience at University College London before studying Nutritional Therapy in London at the Institute For Optimum Nutrition. I’m a qualified practitioner of Nutritional Therapy, registered at BANT and the CNHC.

A desire to make the best information available to you

My interest in diabetes has led me to train as a DESMOND Lay Educator. (DESMOND is a patient-focused programme which helps people with diabetes figure out how they can choose to manage their health).

I’ve also developed and coordinated the delivery of a group education programme for NHS Camden. This 6-session course was designed for Bengali patients with type 2 diabetes who wanted more accessible education to help them to care for themselves.


The power of words and audio

Sharing knowledge through my articles, media comment and audio recordings

I believe knowledge is power – and I’m willing to share what I’ve learned so far. That’s why I write articles and provide media comment, and am happily writing my very first book. I’m also eager to speak up when it comes to health. My latest project involved a few days in the studio, recording the audio for a University online course for health professionals living and working with obesity.

(You’re an editor, writer or educator with a feature or project in the pipeline).


How did i get here?

I’ve filled in the blanks with a short story of My Journey…so far.


Have you booked me to write, speak or host something for you? Then please allow me to introduce myself a little more formally…

picture of Nina Sabat 
Cut and paste bio 

Nina Sabat helps motivated adults balance their mood, increase their energy, reset their metabolism and transform their health – with common sense guidance, food inspiration and precise information about their individual nutritional needs. A generous media commentator, her reasoned approach and insightful quotes are spotlighted in Woman and Home, Prima magazine, Your Healthy Living and Marie Claire online.

When she’s not demystifying ‘healthy eating’ and supporting clients to make the baby-steps which lead to substantial long-term changes, you will find Nina wobbling towards Warrior 3 in her yoga classes, or using every pan in the kitchen as she tests cake recipes on the willing Mr. S, in preparation for her first (of many!) books.

Eager to start to transform your health today? Simply join the Nutrition with Nina community http://www.nutritionwithnina.com for tasty recipes, healthy news, practical workshops and other useful things.