Sour Cherry & Walnut Tart with Rum Vanilla Frangipane

Although you might want to cut back on added sugars in your diet, this doesn’t mean you must miss out on the occasional desert. However, there are several things to do to make them a little less disruptive to your health: bake from scratch at home, use less sugar in your recipes, and swap the […]


5 Ways To Eat Less Sugar and Get More Energy

It’s Sugar Awareness Week and my thoughts have turned to the sweet stuff. Did you know:  Nina Simone, The Rolling Stones, Def Leppard and Lenny Kravitz all sang songs with ‘SUGAR’ in the title. 176 million tonnes of sugar are produced each year!  In Europe and the UK beets are grown for sugar, while in […]


Do Your Family Meals Make it Hard to be Healthy?

What is it with January? Is there any other month you can think of where there is so much pressure to perform? Did you make your New Year’s resolutions? Have you foregone all booze for Dry January? Have you cut out every last scrap of meat to join in with Veganuary? And it’s not just […]


The 5 Best Foods to Eat After a Sleepless Night

After the much-needed indulgences of Christmas and the excitement of the New Year, it can take a while to get back into a regular bedtime rhythm. Adding another national lockdown into the mix doesn’t help, and might have thrown your best intentions and plans into further disarray. The daytime could be fine –  you find […]

Self care and compassion are essential gifts for Christmas

Essential gifts for a caring, merry (little) Christmas

2020 – it’s certainly been a tricky year, and the ludicrous headline that “Boris, has cancelled Christmas” seems particularly fitting. With Christmas travel plans cancelled, you may be amongst the millions restricted to a Tier 4 Christmas in London, but this time apart needn’t be tearful if you take care to avoid the nostalgia traps. […]


Happiness Hacks for Better Mental Health

I heard a very peculiar phrase just the other day which sparked some further thoughts. I had been directed to ‘wash my mind’. It’s a pretty strange concept, but I was curious to consider what it might mean. And with the theme of World Mental Health Day 2020 being ‘mental health for all’ I hoped […]


Can You Say ‘No’ to a Sugar-high?

Watermelon… Sugar…  I bet you know what comes next in this popular song. Love it or hate it, at some point you’ve probably sung along – as if you’ve lost control of your senses! Funnily enough, sugar itself has a similar effect on your brain. But is a sugar-high really inevitable?   I’d like to start […]


Your Quick Summary of The Minority Report

Why are people of BAME heritage at greater risk from Covid-19? The Minority Report examined this in full. Here’s the quick summary to help you get up to speed with the issue, and the potential nutritional solutions for you to consider too.  


The Minority Report

  Within the statistics on coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and Covid-19 lies a disturbing truth – people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are more likely to die. As concern is sparked your first response might be – why is this even so? But if you are from this background your next thought might be […]


Skin Solutions

There’s more to radiant skin than cleansing, toning and slapping on the odd bit of moisturiser. With the right nutrients you can keep your skin strong, supple and spot-free, so take your pick and enhance your outer glow. Why is it that some people never have breakouts, while others have skin that reveals every internal […]


4 Foods for a Healthy Heart

With Valentine’s Day behind us, and Mother’s Day and Easter on the horizon, my thoughts turned to love and chocolate. We love with all our hearts. We often gift heart-shaped chocolates. Then, the Nutritional Therapist in me found the link: did you know chocolate is on the list of heart-friendly foods? It’s time to talk […]

unwell man lying in bed

The Perfect Cold and Flu Remedy

Does the perfect cold and flu remedy exist?…I used a willing guinea pig (me!) to find out. “What stops bacteria and viruses in their tracks?” This question is probably getting asked pretty frequently this month, but it seems the answer is elusive. Everyone has their tried-and-tested cold and flu remedy, but surely there must be […]

Moronga After dinner digestion supplement sense supplement

A Word to the Wise

Unexpected gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh may be delightful, but what if you’re hoping for something a little more practical – to deal with energy issues, digestive discomfort and the mornings after the nights before? Here are my 3 top suggestions for your last-minute Christmas wishlist. Wish 1 – Some GREEN Goodness Have the […]


6 Seasonal Supplements

This month I thought a research round-up and 6 sublime recipes would make the perfect seasonal gift. Maca, cordyceps, camu camu and probiotics may already be staples. But what about Algae oil and CBD oil? Here’s the latest news on these 6 nutritional gems, and remember – you’re welcome to share! 1. Get your mojo […]

salmon eggs kombucha theanine satsumas and sprouts

My 3 Christmas Essentials

Feel like a headless chicken? Does the thought of battling through the crowds make you scream? It’s time to put the CALM back in Christmas. Maybe you’re sick of running like a headless chicken, of always feeling that you’re waayyy behind on your christmas shopping schedule, or that you just haven’t got the energy to […]

woman holding a sugar doughnut

6 Myths About Sugar and Carbs

Are our heads full of sugar-coated myths? Are some carbs and sugars really better than others, or are they all a fast-track to an ever-increasing waistline? It’s a surprisingly sticky tale that can wreck your health: I need this chocolate bar for energy … I won’t be full without that third serving of roast potatoes … It’s ok, maple […]


6 Brain Boosting Nutrients

Fed up with feeling moody, stressed or forgetful? Your brain is your number 1 asset, so it makes sense to protect it. Find out how… I  believe our brain is our number 1 asset.  We make constant daily demands, whether socialising, studying, working or thinking. We give it plenty of daily challenges to negotiate: minimal […]

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Protein Power

It’s one of the major food groups, and is on the lips of every sports person, but what’s the role of protein in the health of the average adult? Well, if you’re getting enough then the proteins you eat influence your mood, sleep, appetite and more! Check out this infographic and discover the power of […]


The Best Health Information

Did you know July 1st marks the start of HEALTH INFORMATION WEEK in the UK? Just imagine, a whole week dedicated to shining a light on the options that help you better manage your health. So today for #HIW2019 I’m sharing 2 things: i. the 3 words that I believe could revolutionise how you think about your health, and ii. […]


Want to be Body Kind? Think SANE

In a mad world full of the pressure of other people’s opinions I suggest you think SANE to bebodykind. Last week we were encouraged to #bebodykind. What a fantastic focus for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. It’s never been more relevant in my opinion, as we try to stand steady and sane against the […]


Sun Safe

After an amazing day-trip to Hastings on Sunday, I reached the end of my trusted Organii SPF 15 suncream. Time to restock. I thought of trying out another brand. Then I realised I had NO IDEA what makes a product good, or what should (and shouldn’t) be on the ingredients list? Maybe you’ve thought the same? […]


Tasty New Foods: NOPE 2019

Sometimes life is really hard. Just this week I had to nibble and slurp my way around practically every food product on show at the Natural Organic Products Europe Show. Well SOMEBODY had to do it!! Ha – only joking, I love these shows which allow you to taste all the novel and exciting foods on the […]

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Best In Show: NOPE 2019

It’s that time of year, my favourite time, when I get to see all the new products that are breaking out on to the health scene. This year it happened at Excel, over 2 days, at the Natural and Organic Products Europe show. Natural health, food, living and beauty were fully represented by the 700+ […]

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white plate and red christmas stocking on a red snowflake tablecloth

4 Hacks for a Healthier December

Hands up if you want to know my four favourite hacks for a healthier December?… I shared my favourite “revive and get party ready” well-being tip with Prima readers in the Christmas issue, but why stop there? This month you’ll find four fantastic hacks to help you get through the festive season, and stay sober, slender […]


Do You Give Up Too Easily?

Impatient for progress? Scared of the unknown? Scared of succeeding? It’s time to get out of your own way and stop giving up too soon. Would you ever set off on a planned road-trip, then give up and go home because you hit a red light? Or it was just taking too long? Or you […]


Safely Quit that Sugar Hit

You’ve decided to make one small change and cut back on sugar. Those who know me will know I’m allergic to high-fives, so instead I offer you a hearty handshake. Well done!!! This change is going to have a HUGE impact, particularly if you’ve been eating the ‘average healthy diet’ which packs in roughly 40 […]


Sugar Shock

We’re still expected to make a ‘healthy’ choice even though 3 out of 4 supermarket foods contain added sugar. But what recent encounter left me speechless? Our food landscape has changed, we’re being told not to worry, but when it comes to our health I honestly think the wool is being pulled over our eyes.   the […]


Collagen Uncovered

They promise the fountain of youth, and increased flexibility. But are collagen supplements worth the fuss? Find out how to dodge the duds. I often get asked about collagen. Clients and customers see powders in the beauty section and in the sports aisle too, or spot health drinks promising skin rejuvenation in every sip. Next […]

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Houseplants that Clean the Air

We often think about air pollution outside of the home, the constant exposure to vehicle exhaust is a hazard of living in a big city. But what about pollution in the home? Unfortunately, a few every-day habits leave us exposed to a variety of air pollutants. But there is a way to minimise the impact. […]


Stay Cool in the Heat and Get Some Sleep

It’s easy to fall into a strange Summer cycle – socialising more and going to bed late because the evenings are longer, sleeping poorly because it’s way too hot, waking early (but groggy) because the sun is streaming in, relying on sugar, caffeine or energy drinks to get you through the day. Does any of […]

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tray of almonds

Nuts About Nuts

It’s incredible what you can achieve with a splash of WATER. Here, the combination of water and salt is the key to success. A quick dip in a salty solution helps break down enzyme inhibitors – which means you get more nutrients in every mouthful. Today I’m activating almonds, but any nut, grain, pulse or […]

glass of green juice topped with sliced strawberries

My ‘Pimms’ Smoothie

My ‘Pimms’ smoothie is a ridiculously fruity blend, without a drop of alcohol in sight. Method: Simply whizz together a large handful of strawberries, 1/4 of a cucumber, juice from a thick wedge of lemon, a knob of ginger, a couple of lettuce leaves, a few sprigs of mint and a splash of apple juice – and serve! Delicious, refreshing and totally cool… … which brings […]

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lemon splashing into bowl of water

Staying Refreshed

We all know the basics of hydration (aka drinking plenty of water) but how can you tell that you’re getting enough of the wet stuff? Take a look at these three tips – they guarantee you’ll be full of energy and totally refreshed during the long hot days of Summer. The idea of staying refreshed is a […]

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pretty girl holding a slice of watermelon

Watermelon, Coconut, Cactus: The Lowdown

The sun is scorching, you’re fed up with water, and you’re desperate for some liquid refreshment. Then you spy Watermelon juice, Coconut water and Cactus water – all promising to slake your thirst. Decisions, decisions. Check out this handy infographic and discover how these 3 thirst-quenching contenders stack up.


Hayfever: A Nutritionist’s Tips

Achoo! Ah-chooh!! If you suffer from hay fever these nutritionist tips are just what you need. Back in April I posted about hayfever, and the prep-work you coud do to get ready for ‘allergy season’. Like strengthening histamine-releasing cells, supporting the immune system, managing inflammation – we covered it all. I also promised to share my nutritionist tips […]

ice cream in a cone

Sweet Intentions

May was a busy month. I signed up for a 30 day sugar challenge. I also took the time to explore some big dreams and wild imaginings, finally scratching the surface of a few new things I hope to achieve. I’m not going into great detail here – I’m pretty certain that at some point […]


Watermelon Mania

Ready to switch off a busy mind, and relax in to Summer? This fruity slushy will put you well on your way. Fresh, cool, sour and sweet, this amazing blend tastes like Summer in a glass, and the added boost of Lion’s Mane leaves you switched on and ready to adapt to whatever challenges come […]


Eat to Beat the Food Routine

Did you know 14th-20th May is National Vegetarian Week? You could sit and debate about what diet is best. Or you could simply join in and eat more veg. In fact, weeks like these are the perfect time to get out of a rut, beat the food routine and tuck in to something new. And […]

Glass kilner jar of raw veg with fresh carrots, sweetcorn and cauliflower on a steel grey table

Fermented Foods 101

It may be as old as the hills – the history of fermentation dates back as far as 6000 B.C. You’ve probably sampled its frothy or doughy delights – both alcohol and bread are made through yeast fermentation. Yet the exploding trend in fermented foods may have left you totally confused. What’s the difference between […]

white bone china cup with hot chocolate drink on steel grey surface

Spiced Bone Broth ChocoLatte

aka ‘The Swiss Mister’ Bone Broth is HOT. The trend for sipping on the delicate broth gained from the long, slow, cooking of organic chicken carcasses or grass-fed cow bones is on the rise. It’s a delicious example of nose-to-tail eating, an old-fashioned frugality that lets nothing go to waste. It’s also a delicious example […]


Hayfever? 6 Steps to a Carefree Summer

Is this your field of dreams or source of sneezy nightmares? If you have hayfever you’ll certainly know which side of the fence you’re on. Now’s the time to make a change. For the longest time I dreamed of not flinching or holding my breath when I walked past freshly cut grass. Of not wondering […]

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Protein pancake topped with nut butter and fresh banana

Nutty Banana Protein Pancakes

Only have 10 minutes? That’s plenty of time to whip up this simple sustaining breakfast. Ingredients: 1 scoop protein powder 1 large free range egg 25g extra fine rolled oats 1/2 ripe banana, broken into chunks 1 tsp yacon syrup  (or agave nectar, fruit syrup, rice syrup or raw honey) 30ml milk  30ml water 1 tbsp coconut […]


What’s the Point of Protein?

For many of my clients, the word ‘protein’ conjures up scary images – of Arnie, Sly or Mr T and their bulging muscles – or unleashes secret fears that they’ll have to sign up for daily sessions at the gym. However, once they realise the full potential of eating enough protein – of how it […]


Metabolic Balance? Ah, So That’s What You Mean!

Forget about body brushing! Did you know that metabolic balance is the key to better energy levels, weight management and sound sleep too? Are we on the same page? Or even reading the same book? When it comes to questions about ‘metabolic balance’, your first thoughts may be of detox, better skin, and regular trips to […]


My Journey … So Far

So who was I before I was me, an advocate of Nutritional Therapy? Obviously not a poet. In fact, I was a model for many years, prancing down the catwalk and striving to convey ideals of youth, beauty and vitality. How else did I spend my earlier years? I was also a bit of a […]