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Nina Sabat Health writer and content creator

You want fresh, concise copy to excite your loyal audience and clients

As a respected leader in the health and wellness industry, your customers trust you to keep them informed. You know dashing off a few cliched sentences doesn’t support your company values or deliver the info your clients want to know.

You value having a health expert with a friendly, yet professional voice to bring your presentations to life

It’s unrealistic to hope your audience will stay tuned in if you share dense content, filled with a jumble of impenetrable industry terms. You know expert delivery of your material will make it memorable and heard.

You’re in the right place!

“Nina, I’m almost crying at your copy. What fabulous advice. Just so brilliant. You’ve really helped with the confusion that surrounds supplement buying.”

Lynn Cardy, Wellbeing writer

“I am immensely grateful to Nina, my Nutritional Therapist researcher. ”

Patrick Holford, author of ‘Good Medicine’

There are plenty of ways for us to create unique copy or present your content professionally

In print…

As a health writer and blogger, I deliver engaging articles and claims-compliant, jargon-free copy helping you to help the clients that you’re on a mission to serve.

Live or In the recording studio…

I’m a BBC expert voice in Health and Nutrition. I’ve recorded educational content for esteemed companies, including The College of Contemporary Health and The Leprosy Mission. I’ve also commented on health for ITV (Holidays from Hell) and the BBC.


 If you’ve booked me to deliver a talk at an Event or Workshop
here’s a simple cut-and-paste bio to use

Nina Sabat Nutrition with Nina

Nina Sabat, BSc (Hons) DipNT, RCNHC MBANT

BANT Registered Nutritionist   

Nina helps action-taking women over the age of 40 increase their energy, deepen their sleep and create an upward spiral to better health. Why? So they can get to the end of an average hectic week without wanting to curl up in a corner and cry!

Nina supports her clients with personalised nutritional programmes which include her signature 8-point Pivot Plan. The 8-PP brings a practical focus to making healthy habits that last.

A generous media commentator, Nina shares a practical approach to health. Her insightful quotes have been spotlighted in Woman and Home, Prima magazine, Your Healthy Living, Marie Claire online and elsewhere. When she’s not demystifying ‘healthy eating’, you’ll find Nina wobbling towards Warrior 3 in her yoga classes, lacing up her running shoes, or using every pan in the kitchen as she tests recipes on the willing Mr. S!

If you think refreshing sleep, sustained energy and a positive approach to your health sound nifty, then why not stay in the loop?

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