Digestive MOT

Say Goodbye to Discomfort and Hello to Gut Bliss

Poor digestive health can be a
silent disruptor

It doesn’t make any sense – you feel heavy and bloated no matter what or how much you eat. 

Or you get a nagging discomfort with various foods, limiting your choices and enjoyment.

You may be at the mercy of unpredictable bowel habits – enough to impact your daily life and leave you feeling out of control.

It’s time to improve your digestion, have a happy, well-nourished gut and enjoy eating food again…

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Why Suffer from Poor Gut Health in Silence?

Understanding your unique needs

Bloating, irregularity and general discomfort after eating are some of the most common digestive issues. However it can be hard to work out what to eat or do when you can’t connect the dots.

But is it a case of suffering in silence?


When your digestive health is poor, your gut let’s you know about it – with pain, bloating, rumbling, belching or gas.

Uncovering the root causes

Having ongoing digestive issues may prompt you to do some investigations – swapping some foods, making notes after eating, even giving some foods up for good.

It’s great when this leads to an improvement, but what’s the plan if you don’t see the changes you want or your digestive health gets worse?

A personalised test of your digestive health can help you work out how to improve your digestion and which foods and nutrients you need.

A Digestive MOT can help you to...

… gain insights on why your digestion is a daily challenge
This knowledge, combined with our expertise in nutrition and nutraceuticals, is the perfect recipe for a natural and effective approach to improving your gut health.

… overcome the emotional toll that comes from digestive issues
Bloating after meals, irregularity disrupting your routine or general digestive discomfort can easily affect your mood. Our one-to-one consultations are where you can be heard, supported and understood.

… find the key to unlocking and improving your overall wellness
Many other health conditions are linked to and affected by the state of your gut health. A natural, food-focused approach can help reduce the burden of untreated infection, excess inflammation, reduced barrier functions and poor digestion and absorption where appropriate.

Why Focus on Your Gut Health?

You’re experiencing hard-to-shift digestive symptoms or other non-GI conditions, including:

  • Bloating

  • Indigestion

  • Constipation 

  • General discomfort

  • Gas, burning and wind

  • Abdominal cramps

  • Diarrhoea

  • Low energy or fatigue

  • Bacterial/ fungal overgrowth

  • Joint aches

Say Hello to a Happy Gut

Find the real cause of bloating, discomfort and other issues and make a personalised plan to get your gut health in shape

The Digestive MOT 

a targeted approach for better digestive health

A 35-minute video consultation
for an overview of your digestive health

Your GI Effects Comprehensive Profile
a comprehensive test of complete gut health RRP (£370)

A 50-minute private video consultation
to discuss your results in detail

A personalised supplement protocol
based on your test results

A copy of your test report
to refer to whenever you need

VALUE £450.00

Nutrition with Nina Digestive MOT Nutrition services

With a Digestive MOT you can finally...

Stop working on individual symptoms with no idea what’s effective or useful

Stop having your digestive issues limit what you eat or do

Start having increased energy and the radiant well-being that comes from prioritising your gut health

Start enjoying improved gut health and better digestion from eating foods that are good for you

Are you looking for a Programme with Action-by-Action, 
Recipe-by-Recipe Comprehensive Support? Check out

The Good Gut Programme

Nutrition with Nina Happy Gut Nutrition Programme
Nutrition with Nina Happy Gut Nutrition Programme

The Good Gut Programme 

When you need time to work on a more comprehensive and personalised approach to better digestive health

The Good Gut Programme is like the Digestive MOT but with much more…

  • Get the GI Effects Comprehensive Profile a complete overview of your gut health (RRP £370)

  • Enjoy a longer 50-minute initial consultation to get an in-depth overview of your digestive and general health

  • Have three monthly 1-1 consultations and receive step-by-step recommendations to make healthier eating easy, all guided by the most up-to-date research

  • Get nutritionally-balanced, nutritionist-approved recipe suggestions each month

  • Wrap up with a 50-minute final consultation with guidance on your next steps to maintain your digestive health

  • Receive a targeted supplement plan which is regularly reviewed

VALUE £650.00

The Good Gut Programme provides you with a comprehensive gut test, expert guidance and nutritional support for 4-5 months

Nutrition with Nina Happy Gut Nutrition Programme
Nutrition with Nina Happy Gut Nutrition Programme

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