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About Nutrition with Nina, health tests, consultations and more…


1. Why Nutrition with Nina?

Wanting to eat better to feel healthier is something you can be proud to take responsibility for. But it needn’t be overwhelming, mysterious, or a challenge to be faced on your own.

Nutrition with Nina was founded with an inquisitive mind and an encouraging spirit: not only to offer a food-based therapy which truly acknowledges your individuality, but also with a wish to make practical health information easily accessible to all.

Precision | Support | Inspiration are the company core values. So, if you’re already motivated to transform your health, and want realistic guidance, structured consultations, and to replace all the nutrient guesswork with precisely what you need, then Nutrition with Nina could be just what you’re looking for.


2. How will Nutritional Therapy benefit me?

Nutritional Therapy is a drug-free, functional practice based on your unique metabolic imbalances, lifestyle habits, and personal health beliefs. At Nutrition with Nina the focus is on areas of sleep, energy and metabolic health. Clients are never seduced by the idea of a quick fix. Instead they value gaining insight on how their body is actually working, right from the very start. They’re also determined to use this information and take the small steps which lead directly to their effective health solution.


3. Why do I need a Programme?

Could you imagine giving a concert performance after just one piano lesson? Imagine how overwhelmed, scared and frustrated you’d feel. Similarly, it takes more than an hour to identify and master the new diet and lifestyle habits which will work for you. My one wish is for you to have the time and information to become your very own ‘health guru’. That’s why consultations are available as structured programmes, not individual hour-long sessions.


4. Why do you recommend Health Tests?

You’re doing the work, so shouldn’t you maximise your time and efforts?

Health tests let you know precisely what’s happening in your body – from your personal vitamin and mineral needs and balance of beneficial fats, to your digestive health, anti-oxidant needs and toxic exposure. Testing is recommended at the start of your programme – which adds up to less trial and error, swifter progress for you, the best Personalised Health Success Plan, and information about supplements you really need.

As tests are recommended on an individual basis their price is NOT INCLUDED in the cost of your Programme.


5. What happens during my consultations?

Pre consultation

Once you’re accepted as a client at Nutrition with Nina, your first steps are to complete your Personal Health Questionnaire and to take the appropriate health tests. Your samples are sent straight to the testing lab, when they’re back it will be time for us to meet.

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Initial Consultation (1 hr / 1.5hrs with HealthTest results)

Your first consultation is where we define your health goals, check your health stats with a full BodyScan and discuss your health test results. By the end you’ll have a better understanding of the factors influencing your health, a clear plan of action with the first steps to take (your Personalised Health Success Plan), recommended supplements to start filling in the nutrient gaps, and suggested recipes that you’ll want to get your teeth into.

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1-1 Monthly Consultation (1/2 hour – in person, by phone or via Zoom)

Your Personalised Health Success Plan is reviewed and refreshed, and we can talk through any stumbling blocks.

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Final Consultation (1/2 hour – by phone or via Zoom)

At the end of your programme we’ll assess your health improvements and clarify your future health plans. You’ll also complete a second BodyScan to measure just how much your health stats have improved.

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(You’re a motivated adult who’s ready to transform their health).


6. What’s your “personal promise”?

1-to-1 consultations are very personal and much more productive when there is good rapport. A natural concern would be that we start working together then realise that we just don’t ‘fit’. I have the perfect solution, which guarantees that we won’t be ‘stuck’.

Nutrition with Nina’s Personal Promise

If either of us realise at the first consultation that this isn’t quite right, then we have 7 days to get in touch and cancel the Package. You will receive a refund* for ALL your consultations – even the first one you’ve just had.

* There’s no similar agreement with Genova Diagnostics, so you won’t be reimbursed for the cost of any health tests you’ve already taken.


7. KitchenCoach and MealSelector –  what’s the difference?

KitchenCoach is available in the Supreme and Elite programmes. With a personal shopper at your side for 1 hour, you’ll receive gentle reminders and clear direction on how to choose the most appropriate foods and avoid the commonly-experienced ‘healthy eating’ pitfalls.

MealSelector is only offered in the Elite programme. New to Nutrition with Nina, this service brings added convenience direct to your door. Simply subscribe to a trusted ingredients delivery service and leave the rest to us. Each week we’ll select the best recipes with your health goals in mind, Once your ingredients arrive, crack open the box and whip up your tasty meals.


8. Can I come and see you with a friend?

Yes, my 1.5hour themed workshops are a great way to share nutritional information and food inspiration in an informal setting with a friend. They’re also a way for you to see how we gel, which can be reassuring for private 1-to-1 consultations. When you return to the homepage simply join the HealthHub – you’ll be the first to receive details on upcoming workshops and receive a monthly e-blast full of tips and insights too!


9. What should I do next?

First, take your time exploring the website, check out the resources, sign up to the HealthHub. Then if things start to resonate, come back and simply click on the button to set the ball rolling, with a free, no-obligation, 15-minute chat.

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(You’re a motivated adult who’s ready to transform their health).