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Do you ever feel like your health is a TOTAL MYSTERY?

You find yourself asking: ‘What are the healthiest foods to eat every day?’ only to question if a list of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods is really what you need.

Or you think: ‘Is it normal to feel like this at my age?’ and wonder how other women always seem to be a picture of health. Good genes help, but what’s their secret?

Understanding what’s needed to improve your health doesn’t have to take months of trial and error.

What if you knew which HIDDEN FACTORS had the biggest effect on your health?

Why Start by Checking Your Health & Wellness Factors ?

It’s very common to take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to health and never stop to consider what you specifically need.

Imagine putting diesel instead of petrol in your car, just because that’s what your neighbour’s car uses.

It’s also tempting to work ‘from the outside in’ and waste time comparing yourself to someone else.

You could find 100 people living their unhealthiest lives who are ‘worse off’ than you. Comparisons like these may make you feel better in the short-term, but they won’t make a difference to what’s really happening to your health.

In fact, much of how you feel is influenced by your unique internal metabolic markers.

Having information about 7 key health and wellness factors is the first step to significantly improving your health.

Health and Wellness Factors

What Will You Get From A Health MOT?

Here's What's Inside Your Health MOT

  • A 30-minute video consultation for an overview of your everyday health

  • Your NutrEval test from a UK-based independent lab (RRP £605)

  • A 1-hour private video consultation to discuss your results in detail

  • A report that scores how your body’s working and indicates your level of need for nutritional support

  • A personalised supplement protocol which meets the nutritional targets identified from your test results

  • A copy of your test results with suggestions of beneficial foods to eat for you to keep and refer to when you need

 Are you Ready for Less Guesswork and More Results?


Health MOT

VALUE £650.00*

*Price includes NutrEval test (RRP £605), consultations, test review, next steps and personalised supplement plan

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