Health MOT

Cut To The Chase and Start To Make An Impactful Change To Your Health

Totally fed up with feeling crappy, you’re ready to sort out your health. Now you just want to know which are the best foods to eat and not waste your money, effort or time on following trends or the latest fad. 

 But can just picking from a list of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods ever make a long-lasting difference to how you feel?

It will be a very different journey if you understand the hidden Health and Wellness Factors with the biggest impact on your health.




Which Health & Wellness Factors 

Should You Focus On?

Imagine driving your car for years and expecting peak performance but never running diagnostics or having an MOT. Similarly you’ll never know how well your body is functioning if you never check.

Whether you feel more healthy and fit is a reflection of hidden processes like digestion, inflammation and how efficiently you produce  energy in your cells.

Understanding these significant Health and Wellness Factors can guide you to take the right steps, right from the start, as you focus on improving your health.

Health and Wellness Factors

What Does A Health MOT Provide?

What's Inside Your Health MOT?

  • A 30 minute video consultation for an overview of your everyday health

  • Your NutrEval test from a UK-based independent lab (RRP £605)

  • A 1 hour private video consultation to discuss your results in detail

  • A report that scores how your body’s working and indicates your level of need for nutritional support

  • A personalised supplement protocol which meets the nutritional targets identified from your test results

  • A copy of your test results with suggestions of beneficial foods to eat for you to keep and refer to when you need

 Ready for Less Guesswork and More Results?

Understanding your metabolic Health & Wellness Factors reveals valuable information about your current health. You can take your next steps based on personal insights of where your body needs the most support. 


 Impact your future wellbeing AND improve your health today!


Health MOT

VALUE £650.00

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