My journey … so far

So who was I before I was me, an advocate of Nutritional Therapy?

Obviously not a poet.

In fact, I was a model for many years, prancing down the catwalk and striving to convey ideals of youth, beauty and vitality. How else did I spend my earlier years? I was also a bit of a foodie geek – either day dreaming over my next meal, or excitedly planning ‘Christmas Menus’ and ‘Last-Supper Selections’ with my (equally sad?) like-minded sister. What joy! Our big sister escaped the family curse.

I have the best memories of modelling, as I managed to indulge my eyes and stomach with a multitude of first tastes and food adventures: creamy-dreamy mashed potatoes and no other vegetables in a swanky fish restaurant in Paris; the crunch and kick of kimchi in Korea; the salty pop (and horrible trickle) of ikura in Japan; one perfect ice-cold vodka martini in Denmark.

As expected in life, there have also been a few surprises on the way. Like being fascinated with the mind and brain, but realising the microscopic detail of my studies in Neuroscience wasn’t quite ‘it’; that I preferred to see the person as a whole. Or of a ‘benign’ tumour* being diagnosed as cancer and having to accept the reality of my not-so-invincible body. So, imagine my delight on discovering Nutritional Therapy, where you can take account of how your body functions on an individual basis, then cunningly eat great food and have it work wonders for your health and state of mind.

I studied at ION in London, and have worked in the field of nutrition ever since. As you can tell, I’m still incredibly excited about taste and food. I don’t expect you to be EXACTLY like me. However, I honestly think it’s a shame if you only suspect that the foods you eat can have a dramatic impact on your health, but never actually have the support, confidence or opportunity to put your health-transforming plans to action.

So, for many people, that’s where I come into the picture. I’m particularly interested in ‘mood and metabolism’, so work primarily with clients who feel stressed, anxious or low, who can’t get a good night’s sleep, who struggle with not having enough energy to get through the day, or who are striving to regain metabolic balance as they support their bodies through pre-diabetes, insulin resistance and weight control.

Quite simply, that’s my professional master plan: to help you and other motivated adults to cut through the nutritional riddles, get some valuable guidance, and to start eating to your health’s content.

Only you will know if this sounds incredibly appealing, so while we may work together in the future, thanks for your interest and attention right now.


*(Oh, and if your body or health has unexpectedly changed and you’re a little concerned, then insist on checking it out. Investigate until YOU are satisfied. Don’t stop because ‘it’s a common problem… one that loads of women have … nothing really … you can probably leave it’. Yes, please persevere and please be brave, even if you feel melodramatic or foolish or stubborn or scared.)

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