My 3 Christmas Essentials

Feel like a headless chicken? Does the thought of battling through the crowds make you scream? It’s time to put the CALM back in Christmas.

Maybe you’re sick of running like a headless chicken, of always feeling that you’re waayyy behind on your christmas shopping schedule, or that you just haven’t got the energy to face the crowds?? I feel your pain. As I commented in the December issue of Prima magazine, STAMINA, FOCUS and A PAT ON THE BACK shouldn’t be overlooked. This year I’ve got it covered with three nutritional fail-safes, which should guarantee that the most knackered or frantic shopper can be a beacon of calm and tower of strength as they glide through the Christmas Chaos.

Essential no 1- Salmon and Eggs for Breakfast

It’s all about the food here, and heading out on a full and happy tummy. I picked the combo of salmon and eggs, you could add a slice of toast too. Don’t fancy fish? Then take your pick from organic houmous, avocado, or a tin of beans.

Reason – Who wants to ride the mood and energy dips that come from a breakfast of just coffee, or from eating something sugary and unsustaining? I also plan to keep my strength up, just in case I have to fight with a little old lady for that last ‘must-have’ hand-knitted Rudolph Christmas jumper.

Why it works – The principle behind this is that the combination of protein and healthy fats in both the fish and eggs (or avo, beans and houmous) provides a slow and steady fuel: a major contrast to the ‘fast’ fuel you get from eating carbohydrates alone.

Essential no 2 – A supplement to help stay calm and focused

In potentially stressful situations like these, you need good supplements that act fast. Sprays and liquids are top of my list. I particularly like the formulation, taste and ease-of-use of Higher Nature’s Worry Not. Just 8 squirts under the tongue, and away you go.

Reason – This year I thought it might be quite nice to extend peace and goodwill to all man, woman and child. Including annoying shoppers. Well, that’s the plan. (Should also work a treat if you tend to get a bit fussed and bothered on Christmas Day.)

Why it works – There are many stress formulations which contain l-theanine. You could even drink a cup of green tea. L-theanine is a nifty little amino acid that is able to cross the blood-brain barrier when taken as a supplement. One of its actions is to increase levels of the brain-chemical dopamine, ultimately enhancing feelings of excitement, motivation and well-being, which means your shopping experience could be a calmer more pleasurable experience.

Alternatively, herbs like passion flower or hops, and the mineral magnesium are all good for calming anxious states and promoting a relaxed mood.

Essential no 3 – A glass of something cold and sparkling

You are not a camel, so a bit of liquid refreshment will always make sense.

Reason – Fingers crossed you’re shopping for people you love, and hopefully like! Funnily enough, I feel that way about me too, which is why I think it’s perfectly acceptable to schedule a few moments to rest and recover from the noise, queues and endless thinking. I love bubbles, and while a celebratory glass of Prosecco certainly fits the bill, I also love the tangy, sour refreshment and energy lift that comes from a glug of lemon kombucha.

Why it works – the magical mix of iron (released from the black tea as it ferments to produce kombucha), B vitamins and a smidge of caffeine help oxygenate and energise the body, so you’ll have plenty of power to haul your shopping home.


Over to you

So what’s on your list of Christmas essentials to keep you sane and feeling festive?

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