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If you’re on a journey to boost your sleep, energy, and overall wellness, you’ll definitely want to know more about a fascinating concept that could make a world of difference in your transformation: Nudge Theory. So, sit back, relax and let’s dive in to discover how tiny nudges can create big waves of positive change in your life.

Nudging Your Way to Vibrant Midlife: A Gentle Approach to Behaviour Change

What's the Buzz About Nudge Theory?

Imagine having a gentle guiding hand that helps you make healthier choices more easily. That’s the magic of nudge theory! It’s like having your best friend whispering, “Hey, why not try this?”, but without any pressure or judgement

Nudging involves subtle adjustments to your environment, making it easier for you to embrace new habits and behaviours. No drastic changes or feeling overwhelmed — just small tweaks that bring a smile to your wellness journey and help you build daily habits to improve your health.

Why Nudge? Because Change Can Be Easy-Peasy!

There is no denying it, change can be a bit daunting. But one of the most appealing things about nudging is that it respects your autonomy while paving the way for gradual, sustainable transformations.

Here’s why giving yourself a nudge is worth a try:

1. Effortless Progress: Nudges gently nudge you towards healthier choices without forcing any big or drastic changes. It’s more about making progress, rather than perfection.

2. Feel Empowered: As you journey through midlife, feeling in control of your health is empowering. Nudges let you take the wheel, with a step-by-step approach to creating healthy changes.

3. Small Changes, Big Impact: Remember the ripple effect? Well, nudges create ripples of positivity that spread to various areas of your life. As you build a daily routine for a healthy body and healthy mind, your work like, love life and relationships could also benefit too.

4. Tailored to You: Your journey is unique. Nudges can be customized to suit your preferences, making it an incredibly personal experience.

5. Sustainable Shifts: With nudges, change becomes habitual. Those tiny, consistent steps can lead to good habits that are long-lasting and support your well-being for years.

Ready to Embrace Nudges? Let's Get Started!

Hands up if you’ve been planning to ‘get healthy’ for a little while but have been stuck in procrastination mode or second guessing where to start. Don’t worry, I promise, we’ve all been there.

So here are 6 great nudges to help you create daily habits to improve your health, ones that you’ll love to do again and again.

Step 1: Bedtime Bliss Nudge

We all crave peaceful sleep, don’t we? To build habits that help you sleep better, try placing a bottle of magnesium sleep lotion by your bedside. It’s a soothing reminder to unwind and drift off to sleep. An added bonus is that your skin will be nicely moisturised too.

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Step 2: Energising Morning Routine Nudge

Kick-start your day with a glass of lemon water waiting for you in the kitchen and building the habit to drink water on waking. It’s like a bright, zesty hello that gets you energised and hydrated from the get-go.

Step 3: Snack Smart Nudge

When the snack cravings hit, reach out for the bowl of colourful vegetables and fruit on your counter. The vibrant hues are a visual reminder that you’re set on building the habit to make great choices that nourish your body. 

Step 4: Supplement Support Nudge

Keep your daily supplements in a pretty container on your dining table. Seeing them will remind you to top up on essential nutrients. It’s much more useful than leaving them hidden at the back of the cupboard until they go out of date!


If you are now in midlife and are ready for a supplement update, booking your Health MOT with Nutrition with Nina can help you put together a tailored supplement programme that 100% meets your personal needs.

Step 5: Get Moving Nudge

When you’ve made a plan to hit the gym or head out for a run or walk round the block make it easy to get going. Lay your kit out in a place where you can see it and put your shoes by the door. You’ll soon be in the habit of getting active every day.

Step 6: Tech-Free Wind-Down Nudge

An hour before bed, place your gadgets in another room. This simple act helps create a calming environment, and sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down. One of the healthiest habits to build is the ability to step away from your tech.

A Nudge Towards Health - The Takeaway

Nina Sabat black female London nutritional therapist for women

The concept of Nudge Theory is a perfect fit in any journey to vibrant health in midlife. When put into practice it helps you realise that making a change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can embrace the power of nudging and let these simple, subtle changes create big waves over time. 

When you want to get a bit more sleep, banish your midlife muffin-top, or get into the habit of drinking more water, nudges can help you stop procrastinating or even getting sidetracked. 

As an adult you can cultivate the best daily habits to improve your health. Helped along with a little nudge from time to time!