Best On-the-go Lunches You Can Easily Eat Without Touching

What’s for lunch? 

Do you remember the days when all you needed to know was how far away you were from the closest Pret? When if you hadn’t got round to stashing some leftovers or a sandwich in your bag, then there were plenty of options for grabbing lunch whatever your weekly budget?

Now there are completely diifferent lunch factors to consider, especially if your work day involves travelling around. Like where will you buy your food, do you trust how it’s been prepared, and more importantly where will you be stopping to eat? I’m pretty certain that nowadays the idea of scarfing a sandwich on the underground is not going to fill you with ease.

So, in a bid to make lunch-on-the-go a more relaxed affair, I’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you. I’ve also stuck to 3 general guidelines.

1. Lunch needs to be simple to make.

I think this is a no-brainer, especially if you’re not in the habit of regularly making your lunch at home. Having to spend lots of extra time in the kitchen is pretty much guaranteed to leave you in a bad mood.

2. Lunch needs to be appealing when eaten cold.

I hate eating food cold when it should really be hot, particularly if this changes the texture. Gloopy or congealed sauces are a no-no for me. So if you’re on the move, and eating al fresco – even in these colder Winter months – it’s a given that your food should have some appeal.

3. Lunch needs to be easy to handle without touching.

I expect this would be a new rule for most mobile lunchers,  even if you’re relying on a squirt of anti-bac or a happy-birthday-long-scrub. I think it would be great to have a tasty lunch that you can tuck into practically ‘hands free’.

Take a look at some tasty lunch ideas below that are simple to prepare, that you can scoff on-the-go, and that can be eaten entirely without touching.



In a jar, you say? Salad?

Actually, this is not so much a salad but rather a selection of raw and cooked veg (mostly cooked) that is in season over the Winter. It’s also a great way to use up any leftovers AND make huge strides to reaching your 10 portions of veg and fruit, which can feel like an impossible target during the colder day

You’ll need a kilner jar, (or any jar with a lid), one fork and you’re good to go.

 See the recipe… Buckwheat and Butternut Jam Jar Salad
In fact there are so many ways to put this together. Instead of buckwheat you could use sweet potato or beans. This version uses quinoa as a base, includes lots of raw veg, and has a lovely Asian inspired taste.
 See the recipe… Quinoa and Roast Veg Jam Jar Salad



Those days where a liquid lunch meant a trip to the pub are a thing of the past, my friend. Not because of Covid restrictions, but because you know that this is the time to refuel so you can continue being switched on and productive throughout your afternoon.

But if you don’t have time to stop, and eating on the move holds no appeal, here’s the next best thing to do.

Put two bottles of liquid in your bag. The first will have fresh water so you have something to drink through the day. The second will contain a protein shake – made with water or mylk, whichever you prefer. Admittedly it will be a light lunch, but it has the advantage of providing enough nourishment so that you don’t return home hangry and ready to bite the head off the first person you meet as you walk through the door.


500ml of liquid – water, mylk
A scoop of a great protein powder – Garden of Life’s Raw Organic All-In-One or Vegan Smart’s Organic All-In-One


Add your protein powder to your bottle of liquid. Shake. Go.



A lunch-time classic, I’m sure you’ll agree, but this serving suggestion gives the humble sandwich a completely new look.

See the recipe… Sandwiches On A Stick



I didn’t want to leave you out in the cold, so this final idea for a hands-free lunch is hot, but not too hot to handle!

It’ll probably remind you of a Pot Noodle, but luckily as you’re assembling it yourself it will be packed full of flavour and the types of ingredients that you actually WANT to eat.

See the recipe… NewStyle Pot Noodles 
When it comes to eating lunch on-the-go in 2021 preparation is key. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend hours slaving in the kitchen, just a few extra minutes scoping out what you’ll need. With the right utensils and containers – think skewers, jars with lids and small pots that can withstand heat – lunch can be a drama-free affair. And if you keep in mind that there are plenty of simple lunch time options that you can eat without getting your hands dirty, you can relax and tuck in with the utmost confidence that you’ve done your best to safe-guard your health as well.

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