Sweet Intentions (why I failed the 30-day sugar challenge)

May was a busy month. I signed up for a 30 day sugar challenge. I also took the time to explore some big dreams and wild imaginings, finally scratching the surface of a few new things I hope to achieve. I’m not going into great detail here – I’m pretty certain that at some point each of you will have chosen to challenge and change some aspect of your life – so you already know exactly what this feels like. But I would like to share a story, one that I hope will really resonate with you, and perhaps give you some food for thought for your future endeavours. After this I promise to crack on and reveal the outcome of my month-long sugar challenge.

*  *  *

The Hairdresser Drama
I was going away for 7 days and absolutely had to get my hair done before I left – my twists had grown out and started to resemble dreds, which is simply not my style. So I phoned my hairdresser and arranged a visit on Tuesday afternoon, the day before my departure. That morning, I started untwisting my hair, waiting for her to call and confirm a time for my afternoon appointment. I was half way through when I spotted a missed phone call. No apology. Just a message from Mrs X that she was now unavailable until after 7, and would call me that evening.

As you can understand I was incredibly annoyed. I’d carefully scheduled my day, and had plans for the evening. (As it turned out she did call and apologise; the next day, when I was already on the plane). However, in all honesty I wasn’t entirely surprised. Mrs X is really good at what she does, but her time keeping is abysmal. I’ve always struggled to find a reliable local hairdresser who has a booking system, who says ‘sorry, no’ if they’re already busy, and doesn’t think it’s ok to accept 2 more people into the salon at the time that you’ve prearranged, then suggest you sit and wait for a few hours until they’re free. Sadly, Mrs X isn’t any different.

At this point I had to make a decision, and fast. Perhaps I could rush out and find a random hairdresser, and hope they could squeeze me in. Or maybe I could spend a lot more hours loosening the rest of my hair from its protective style, and head to the sun, sand and sea with a high-maintenance Afro and a bag full of styling products.

Neither of these options filled me with glee.

Then a third thought occurred. Maybe I should try and twist my hair all by my self!!!! True, I had no idea how to do this, but come on, how hard could it be? Twenty minutes, and two YouTube videos later, I was ready and determined to give it a go.

Taking the matter in hand

This really isn’t a story about me discovering some unknown talent and following my new-found dreams to become a hairdresser to the stars. Instead it’s about drama (created by others, or ourselves) and our choice as to how we negotiate it.

Up until this point I was prepared to be involved in Mrs C’s time-robbing dramas (grandchildren, banking, funerals, doctor’s appointments, inability to say ‘no’) and even create a few of my own. Perhaps you often find there are 1 or 2 situations where you find yourself in a similar dynamic – complaining about having NO CHOICE but to rely on someone who’s incredibly flaky?

But I think there’s always choice. Always a decision to be made.

On this day I chose not to create the drama of rushing out to find someone new, but to trust myself instead, access some resources, and give it a go. It wasn’t a life-threatening decision – I’m not suggesting you try a bit of home surgery after an accident with a carving knife. But I am recommending that you take a big breath and a step back, consider your options, seek help, then act. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy that cascade of decision – effort – results, all with a lot less stress and drama.

Win some… lose some
Ah, yes. Back to that 30 day sugar challenge.
The impromptu plan that I thought ‘might be quite good to do’.
The spur-of the-moment activity which I didn’t relate to what was happening in my life.
The hasty decision made without taking the time to think about the goal, or why it would benefit me.

Epic fail.

*  *  *


Over to you

What’s the next big thing on your to-do list? What new drama do you think might unfold?

I really love hearing of what’s on your plate, especially when you offer to share with others in the Nutrition with Nina community, so thanks for taking the time to add your comments below.

Until next time,



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