vitamin D

Hayfever: A Nutritionist’s Tips

Achoo! Ah-chooh!! If you suffer from hay fever these nutritionist tips are just what you need. Back in April I posted about hayfever, and the prep-work you coud do to get ready for ‘allergy season’. Like strengthening histamine-releasing...
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The perfect cold and flu remedy

Does the perfect cold and flu remedy exist?… I used a willing guinea pig (me!) to find out. “What stops bacteria and viruses in their tracks?” This question is probably getting asked pretty frequently this month, but it seems the answer is elusive....
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6 Brain Boosting Nutrients

Fed up with feeling moody, stressed or forgetful? Your brain is your number 1 asset, so it makes sense to protect it. Find out how… I  believe our brain is our number 1 asset.  We make constant daily demands, whether socialising, studying, working...
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