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Hi, I’m Nina Sabat and I help health-conscious women aged 40 and over get past overwhelm, uncertainty and frustration about their health – using personalised nutrition guidance, health tests and confidence-boosting consultations.

Whether you need help with an ongoing health condition, are focused on increasing your energy and sleeping better, or are wondering how to eat for better health in your 40s, 50s and beyond, I’m here with an expert understanding of Nutritional Therapy. Together we can create your upward spiral to better health.

Here are all my current services, both free and paid.

This monthly e-blast will keep you in the health loop. Enjoy news, recipes and actionable insights on practical ways to create the great habits and wellbeing you want.

Grab your spot in the Health Hub.

The starting point for all consultations at Nutrition with Nina lets you work on your health goals with my professional guidance and support.

The Essentials Package is structured to include a 50-min Initial Consultation and three 35-min Follow-up Consultations. (Nutritional therapy, long-lasting health change and overnight success don’t fit in the same sentence at all!)

Since everyone’s health journey is different, this package can be structured to work best for you. 

  • Considering a Health Test for a personalised approach? I can guide you. 
  • Need extended, ongoing support? You can add on more Follow-up Consultations. 

>>> When you’re ready to take the next step, book a free 15-minute Discovery Call.

We all move to the beat of our own drum.

Having started with the Health & Wellbeing Package, you can book additional Follow-up Consultations and keep moving forward on your health journey. 

As we assess your needs and introduce the appropriate changes, you can receive ongoing guidance and timely adjustments to your health plan.

  • Follow-up Express Consultations are 35 mins.
  • Follow-up Extended Consultations are 50 mins.
  • Block book a bundle of 3 Follow-up Consultations for 20% off.

A full range of Health Tests are available to you when we work together. You can assess your metabolic health, digestive health, hormonal balance and much more.

Some clients use their health test results to focus their actions at the start of their health journey, while others include a test part way through their Health & Wellbeing Essentials package.

Tests are provided and analysed by an independent UK laboratory.

They SAY eating fats makes you fat, so low-fat diets must be better. But you KNOW great health is more than just the number on your scales.


  • Feeling in a positive mood all year round
  • Not having creaking or aching joints
  • Having better balanced hormones
  • Feeling focused and switched on throughout the day
  • Getting restful, restorative sleep

Great health like this is all interconnected and there’s one thing we know for certain… it’s affected by the balance of your Essential Omega Oils.

>>> Find out about the Essential Omega MOT.

Say goodbye to digestive discomfort and hello to gut bliss.

Poor digestive health can be a silent disruptor. But if you feel heavy and bloated, have nagging discomfort or unpredictable bowel habits, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Gain valuable information from a GI Effects Digestive health test. I’ll discuss your data, explore actionable insights and create a bespoke supplement plan to help you have a happy, well-nourished gut and enjoy eating food again.

>>> Read more on the Digestive MOT.

What if you could understand the mystery of your metabolism, and expose the hidden factors which are having the biggest impact on your health?

What if you cold fill in the background details and skip months of frustration and slow health improvement by filling in the background story.

A Health MOT arms you with health data, my professional guidance and a bespoke supplement plan. You’ll also get a heap of actionable insights to guide you towards your best next steps.

>>> See more on the Health MOT.

REVIVE was created for women who have reached midlife, and are fed up with feeling wiped out by the end of an average week.

Over 14 weeks, this Nutrition and Lifestyle programme lets you update the eating habits and patterns that deplete your health and your energy.

Understand more about your body. Gain the confidence, nail the skills and take charge of your health.


The REVIVE Programme is only available twice a year, but I’ll get in touch when the doors reopen.

>>> Join the REVIVE Programme waitlist here.

Workshops rock!

Collaborating, exchanging ideas and sharing your health successes (and epic fails) is fun and thought-provoking when done within an open-minded group.

And if you’re attending a Workshop or Talk at work, it’s an opportunity to connect with your colleagues, and can support both your physical and mental health.

Planning a Workplace Workshop?

>>> Check out these Workshop ideas.

You need fresh concise media copy.

You want a health expert with a friendly, yet professional voice to bring your health and wellbeing ideas to life.

>>> Discover the health-focused creative side of Nina Sabat.