Nutritional Therapy for Better Sleep,
Better Energy and Better Health



Nina Sabat, BSc Hons DipNT

Hi, I’m Nina.

I help action-taking, women over the age of 40, who are feeling overwhelmed by poor sleep and depleted energy uncover personalised nutritional strategies, build long-lasting healthy habits and gain the confidence to create dynamic health.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel stuck…

Lethargic and world-weary; absolutely exhausted from sleepless nights; or struggling to lose a few extra pounds. You’re fed up with doing what you always do and eating foods that keep you feeling not-so-great. Perhaps your latest health check wasn’t all that you hoped for. Now you need to ‘change something and get better’, but are worried and have no idea where to start.

You worry ‘Is this as good as it gets?’…

You’re kind-of-OK, but there’s a niggling voice at the back of your mind that says there must be more. You wish you could enhance your daily habits and performance, and change that ‘I feel fine’ to ‘Wow, I feel fantastic!’

You know the time has come to make a change; that there IS a safe and natural way to feel better.

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  • Nina expertly gave me small ‘baby steps’ to achieve

    LF, London

    Given that I relied very heavily on a sugar based diet you expertly gave me small ‘baby steps’ to achieve. With my new found energy I was able to start going to the gym too, and this started a spiral of good health. You really have been a wonderful nutritionist and my spirits, as well as my health, have improved.

  • Friends remarked on my increased energy levels

    AB, London

    My health has improved so much and my friends have remarked on my increased energy levels.

  • Nina… has the gift of making the complicated seem simple for readers

    Lynn Cardy, Wellbeing writer

    Nina is my go-to nutritional therapist when I need a unique and insightful quote for any kind of wellbeing feature. She’s super-smart, with all the latest research at her fingertips and has the gift of making the complicated seem simple for readers. She’s a wellbeing gem!

  • My anxiety has reduced

    CF, London

    We sat and talked for a while before Nina recommended some changes to my diet. She also guided me on supplements to give me some extra support. I'm pleased to say my anxiety has reduced in just a few weeks. I even went on a really long car journey and I didn’t get anxious at all.

  • Easily the best investment I have made this year!

    KS, London

    I took the supplements recommended by Nina and would literally skip home at the end of a 9 hour work day. I feel much more positive about my future health. It's easily the best investment I have made this year as I never would have figured this out by myself.

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