About Nina

Nina Sabat, black female nutritional therapist nutritionist in London

“Your health IS in your hands, and you can take every possibility to make it what you want.”

I believe big health changes can be achieved with small, sustainable actions. And that you get even more impact when you understand how your body runs, then add some delicious food into the mix.

So I created a nutritional therapy service in London, that combines testing, consultations and healthy eating programmes. It’s for women who have reached midlife, and want to know how to increase their energy and how to get better sleep, using a natural, nutrient-focused approach.

My mission is to help you build a lasting connection between nutrition, diet and lifestyle, that enables you to feel energised, composed and rested and more in control of your health.

What’s our ‘recipe’?

At the heart of Nutrition with Nina you’ll find earthy core values and zesty personal beliefs.

Nutritional Therapy is the tool that’s used to unlock the health-enhancing qualities of your lifestyle and food.

When applied with intention, Nutritional Therapy can help you radically transform your well-being, your self-confidence and your health.

The Challenge

The challenge for many women is that they face a conflict when it comes to prioritising their health.

They find themselves continually putting commitments to work and family members at the top of their action-list. Or second-guessing what friends and colleagues might think of their goals to improve their health. Or sometimes they get started then quickly convince themselves they’re doing it all wrong and destined to fail.

For other women the challenge comes from unrealistic expectations, like the burning desire to get over-night results. As you’ll soon see from my own pastry-fuelled experience, I understand how this feels!

However, the women I work with have something in common.

Quite simply, they’ve had enough.

They’re fed up with:

  • Feeling permanently exhausted, snappy or irritable
  • Hoping the next sleeping pill will be the one that works
  • Relying on caffeine or chocolate to get through the day
  • Fearing they’re making all the wrong food choices
  • Thinking their bodies are working against them
  • Wishing “If only I had more time”

Yet they’re also willing to take a step. They’re determined to figure out how to have the health they’ve been dreaming about.

So we start to explore together.

Using personalised health insights, focused nutrition and a pivotal habit plan we take action to restore energy and deepen sleep and create a new level of fabulous health.

I used to believe “You are what you eat”

My official journey into the world of nutrition and wellness began over a decade ago. For the longest while the phrase “You are what you eat” often came to mind. But a few years ago came a radical shift. A shift which turned my thoughts about health on their head.

  • As a Londoner this switch helped me work through an unexpected challenging time.
  • As a woman, it brought a greater understanding of kinder ways to support my body and hormones and health.
  • As a Registered Nutritional Therapist it totally transformed my practice, giving my clients a more clear and consistent path to the long-term results they deserved.

But before I get to the ins and outs of this part of my health journey, it makes sense to meet my 20-year-old self. If there’s truth in the saying “You are what you eat” then I would have been a pie!

Nina Sabat London black Nutritional therapist

… but then came the Aha!! moment

This particular story isn’t about my transformation from stodgy to slender but rather about how I couldn’t avoid falling into the trap of wanting rapid results.

In the end I succeeded with a different path.

I started by paying attention to what was actually important to me – my lifestyle, my state of mind, my age, my specific nutritional needs. Every day I seized my opportunities and took informed decisions to change how I moved and what I chose to put on my plate.

Of course, some days I had more ‘success’ than others. But I wove this all together into a realistic routine that worked for me. That’s how the Aha!! moment came into play (and those red trousers got worn again).

This realistic, personalised approach is what I share with my clients to help them achieve their own success.

“Every day holds potential

because there is always the chance to improve on what you did the day before.

When it comes to achieving the type of health you want, now and for the future…

I believe you are what you eat and think and do.”

 Nina Sabat

Picture the Possibilities

Women in midlife can imrove thier health and wellness through a consultation with Nina Sabat, London based nutritional therapist
  • You’re determined to finally break free of a growing trend – poor sleep and fatigue are amongst the most commonly reported health concerns
  • You realise that feeling rested, energised and more in control of life comes from the small healthier habits that you practise within your day
  • You see the value in creating a plan to get to your health goal, rather than pinning your hopes on frantic changes which fizzle out after a day or two
  • You’re ready to shake up the way you eat, because you know the insanity of sticking with what you’ve always done while hoping for a different result
  • You know that feeling more fabulous in your forties, fifties and the future starts with getting in tune with your body as it is today
  • You believe that ‘done today’ always beats ‘perfect tomorrow’ and are ready to see what you might change

Nina Sabat BSc (Hons) DipNT, RCNHC MBANT

I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, habit change guru and healthy eating expert. On my journey I have:

  • Gained a degree in Neuroscience, at UCL
  • Qualified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition
  • Honed my knowledge of new and impactful supplements as Area Manager of a London health store
  • Registered as a BBC Expert Voice on Health and Wellness
  • Discovered my superpower is making complex ideas easier to understand and act on
  • Explored coaching skills to support effective habit change
  • Stood on a catwalk with Buzz Aldrin and got all tongue-tied (But I’m not entirely sure whether this helps in my work!)
Nina Sabat black female nutritional therapist nutritionist in London