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Nina Sabat, BSc (Hons) DipNT RCNHC MBANT

Hi, I’m Nina.

I work with action-taking women who have reached midlife and are feeling overwhelmed by poor sleep, depleted energy and a lack of time to make a difference. Together we uncover personalised nutritional strategies, build skills and confidence, and nail the long-lasting healthy habits to create dynamic health.

Reclaim your weekends
(and a healthier you!)

You’ve bulldozed your way through a challenging week. The weekend’s here but you want to curl up and press pause on life…

Reaching midlife can leave you feeling like your body is a complete mystery, but thinking that sleeping poorly, feeling exhausted and being at the mercy of your personal hormone rollercoaster are your only options won’t add to your self-confidence. It certainly goes against your desire to have more joy and ease in your life.

Asking ‘Am I ready to enjoy my weekend?’ is a great way to check in with your health. Maybe you need help to get back the spring in your step? This is where I come in. I’ve created a space where you can begin to make sense of what’s happening health wise, and find a path that helps you feel rested, composed, vibrant and in control.

That change from “I’m fine” to “I feel fantastic” is AMAZING.

… Remember, each weekend you reclaim and utterly enjoy adds up to a future of remarkable health.