REVIVE Programme

Picture Getting to the End of a Hectic Week and Still Having Some ‘Oomph’ Left In Your Tank!

REVIVE was created to help working women over 40 who feel exhausted by the end of their week. It’s designed to uncover the habits, nutrition and patterns that steal your sleep and sap your energy.

The 14-week REVIVE Programme puts you back in charge of your health.

However, we understand that revamping your habits shouldn’t come with added challenges or fuss. So, as an essential part of the programme, you’re guided through the Nutrition with Nina signature 8-Point Pivot Plan.

The 8PP offers a hassle free approach that helps you easily fit new habits into a busy day and finally build healthier habits that last.

 Find out how you can tackle poor sleep and low energy and feel fabulous at the end of your week

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