REVIVE Programme

Picture Getting to the End of a Hectic Week and Still Having Some ‘Oomph’ Left In Your Tank!

REVIVE was created for women who have reached midlife, and are fed up with feeling wiped out by the end of an average week.

  • REVIVE is a 14-week nutrition and lifestyle programme
  • Working together, you’ll enjoy receiving expert 1-1 nutritional guidance
  • REVIVE helps you uncover the mysteries and change the patterns and foods that sap your energy and interrupt your sleep
  • Incorporating Nutrition with Nina’s signature 8-Point Pivot Plan, you’ll have the opportunity to skilfully fit new habits into your day and build healthier habits that last

It’s time to understand more about your body. Gain the confidence, nail the skills and take charge of your health.

¬†You’ll be added to the wait list and
first to know when the doors to the REVIVE Programme are open.