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There’s untold value to be gained from your next Workshop or Talk

Running a structured workshop gives you the opportunity to engage your team or guests in a group activity where they can collaborate and gain skills. It’s a great way to encourage connectivity and support mental health and general health in the workplace.

As a London-based female nutritional therapist with over 12 years of dedicated practice, I specialise in empowering women in midlife, aged 40 and beyond, to overcome energy challenges and achieve restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Find out what I bring to the table in a health and well-being live workshop or talk by Nina Sabat…

A Trusted Speaker and Expert Commentator

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What Do You Need from Your Event Host?

  • A professional whose approach blends scientific knowledge with a deep understanding of women’s nutritional needs at different life stages

  • An expert who gets to the nitty gritty of conversations around the dietary choices that fuel our bodies and overall well-being

  • A woman who understands the importance of finding ways to have more energy, more focus, more resilience and more fun – both in life and at work

  • A nutritionist who takes a practical approach to healthy eating – there’s always space and time for participants to ‘play’ with some food

If you have answered ‘Yes, That’s exactly what I need!’ to any or all of the above, then let’s take the next step.

Nina Sabat black female London nutritional therapist for women
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the perfect Workshop or Talk for your live or online event

 If you’ve booked me to deliver a talk at an Event or host your Workshop here’s a simple cut-and-paste bio to use

Nina Sabat Nutrition with Nina

Nina Sabat, BSc (Hons) DipNT, RCNHC MBANT

BANT-Registered Nutritionist   

Nina helps action-taking women over the age of 40 increase their energy, deepen their sleep and create an upward spiral to better health. Why? So they can get to the end of an average hectic week without wanting to curl up in a corner and cry.

Nina supports her clients with personalised nutritional programmes which include her signature 8-point Pivot Plan. The 8-PP brings a practical focus to making healthy habits that last.

A generous media commentator, Nina shares a practical approach to health. Her insightful quotes have been spotlighted in Woman and Home, Prima magazine, Your Healthy Living, Marie Claire online and elsewhere. When she’s not demystifying ‘healthy eating’, you’ll find Nina wobbling towards Warrior 3 in her yoga classes, lacing up her running shoes, or using every pan in the kitchen as she tests recipes on the willing Mr. S.

Nina is hosting the upcoming workshop. Are you ready to collaborate and connect, to share in the delight of healthy eating, to explore practical strategies that give you oodles of energy, phenomenal focus and more?
Fabulous… See you there!

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